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This Rubberball is one of the amazing experiences in Rubber Dreams. Two separate inflatable halves- like two cushions - let you always stay in the middle of the
ball and not sitting on the ground.

Inside (as contrast colour available for order) and outside 0.89mm royale weight
transfers all the pressure of the material on your body and let you feel amazing.

A heavy zip with reversible sliders let you open the ball from the inside as well. A long quality tube is connected to the inside of the ball gives you enough air for breathing. An additional breathing bag with a reducible valve gives you breath reducing possibilities.
  •  Additional taping of all inside seamsis guaranteed the high standard of workmanship.
  •  Two big special valves guarantee a quick in- and deflation.
  • This article is shown in 0.90mm black outside and dark red inside


Customisations with a * carry additional cost.

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